{ Capturing pure JOY with precious and priceless moments }


Hello There, I'm Alaina!

Knoxville, TN Photographer

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I'm a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer based in Knoxville, TN, but I love to travel and explore new places, in order to tell your beautiful story! I love chasing natural light and vibrant colors to display your images and I never want to miss a moment!

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I Believe in...


Telling Your Story.

I believe everyone has their own unique story that needs to be told, a story that only you have heard but never seen. A story that is so beautifully radiant, that only you can be identified as. every moment and every movement is special, and my goal is to capture those moments in time to perfectly describe who you are, and to display your spirit dancing off the colors of the image. my captured images are not just photos to have, but to share who you truly are as a person inside and out. 



 memories that last a lifetime.

When you have a special milestone your life that you are finally crossing paths with, you need that moment remembered. when you finally found the love of your life and he popped the big question, you need that to be remembered. or maybe you found out you're going to become a momma or are seeing your child face to face for the first time, you need that moment remembered. and if you are finally slipping into that beautiful white gown and will go be announced Mr. and Mrs. for the first time, you must have that moment to remember.

    This is where I step in by capturing and creating every single precious and priceless moment that have brought you so much JOY! these are the moments that you can look back on for several years to come and re-live every single second of that feeling you had on that special day of yours. I want my images to express such an amazing feeling that you become just as  emotional all over again, and remember that tingling feeling you once felt before. 


I Believe photography is such a Beautiful gift in this life, and i would be honored to take part in Capturing little moments of your life with my artistic vision!

( So let's chat! I'm just a phone call and email away! or better yet, let's meet in person and grab some coffee, I can't wait to meet all of you. )